My guided meditation application and mobile website

One of my passions is meditation. Recently I started creating guided meditations with embedded brainwave entrainment. The entrainment makes the meditations super powerful because it cuts straight through the mental chatter that most of us have:). I tried a number of methods to distribute them without too much success. Then, in Nov last year, I created a mobile application as a means of distribution.
I placed my app on the Android market on 30 Nov. Since then I have also been marketing my app directly via social networks. As a result of my direct marketing, I have had more than 570 installs. But even more amazing than that is the response from the Android market. Without any marketing, simply by placing it in the market, I have had more than 1000 installs. This means that my guided meditation app has had a total of more than 1500 installs in less than 6 weeks. And is now sitting on a 4 star rating in the Android market.
This is a FREE application so I am not getting any money for this, just a great sense of personal satisfaction that there are now a fair amount of people listening to my meditations. I do want to keep this application FREE, so I am looking for a sponsor. So if you know anyone who might want to sponsor this guided meditation application, please refer them to me. I would really appreciate it, thanks.
For those who would like to get the application…
Here’s a direct link to my app (all devices):
And here is the link to the same app on the Android market (Android devices only):

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