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  • AARTO camera speeding fines illegal

    I am not a lawyer but I have worked out that AARTO camera speeding fines are completely illegal. I decided to ask some questions some time ago. So, in response to a speeding fine from AARTO, I sent a letter asking 3 simple questions. Their response was to NOT respond to my questions, they simply…

  • HTML5 and the future of web design

    HTML5 and the future of web design

    When Microsoft & Apple both AGREED that HTML5 was the future of web design, everyone suddenly took notice. And the last 18 months have seen an amazing adoption of HTML5 design principles, especially with the way Google has been been promoting it. So what is HTML5 and how do you do it?

  • Fire your boss

    I just watched a cool video about an internet millionaire who is looking for students! He said, “Just give me 30 days, and I’ll mold you into our next success story.” Check it out here.

  • Vodacom sucks

    I have been a client of Vodacom’s for the last 12 years but not any more. In the last 2 months I have met nothing but gross incompetence from them on every level. If I had not paid them so much money over the years, this might actually be funny!

  • Google+ sucks – suspended for impersonating myself

    Google+ sucks – suspended for impersonating myself

    I used to be a real fan of Google+ but I am being forced to review my position on it. I have had my profile suspended, apparently for impersonating someone. I cannot imagine who that someone is, since my Google+ profile is listed under my own name. 

  • Passive income anyone?

    Are you interested in generating some passive income? The easiest & most effective way to do so is via the internet. And it all starts with an awesome website. You’re probably thinking that you can’t afford to hire someone to build it for you. So don’t. Build it yourself. It is much easier (& cheaper)…

  • Guided meditation sponsor or partner needed

     Guided meditations & meditation music maker seeks… …sponsor in the same or related field; yoga, natural remedies, healing, spirituality, mindfulness, sustainable living, healthy living etc.. Branding/Marketing space available

  • Are you living life at the Alpha brainwave level

    Are you living life at the “Alpha Level”?

  • My guided meditation application and mobile website

    My guided meditation application and mobile website

    One of my passions is meditation. Recently I started creating guided meditations with embedded brainwave entrainment. The entrainment makes the meditations super powerful because it cuts straight through the mental chatter that most of us have:). I tried a number of methods to distribute them without too much success. Then, in Nov last year, I…

  • Fair trade

    Fair trade: In a nutshell: I do not put a value on my product/service; the user/consumer determines the value of my product/service. Well, that’s my opinion of fair trade….