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  • Bitcoins – is it a viable option?

    Bitcoin is the new virtual currency which is making waves around the world. The reason for this is that there is no central control for Bitcoin, it is a community controlled currency. No banks, no governments… Here are some articles & videos to get you started on understanding this new currency.

  • E-tolling: A brilliant letter on why NOT to get tagged

    I am no fan of the E-tolling system that the government is trying to force Joburger’s to accept. It’s simply ridiculous, we have already paid for these roads, over and over. If the government had not wasted so much money buying arms we do not need, this would not even be a discussion! Anyway, someone…

  • Formal “Blue Light” Protocol for motorists developed by JPSA and RTMC

    Multiple and ongoing reports of disastrous consequences arising out of people either fleeing legitimate police or stopping for “blue light gangs” have been forthcoming for a significant period of time, the most recent of which was the case of Khuli Chana where his alleged behaviour was totally inappropriate and led to a horrible incident occurring.

  • Bank’s commit fraud for BILLIONS of Rands

    South African banks commit fraud to the tune of approximately 30 BILLION rand every month For a long time now, many people have been talking about the stupendous scale of the fraud being committed by banks in South Africa and worldwide for that matter. At the heart of this matter is a process called “securitization”.…

  • Contributionism & the truth about Ubuntu Contributionism Party

    Contributionism is a new economic/social system being promoted by Michael Tellinger. Michael Tellinger is busy launching his Ubuntu Contributionism party but before you jump on that bandwagon  you should know how Michael views contributionism. Mike has come up with a nice alternative theory for existance but that’s all it is to him. I think it is…

  • Mainstream media starting to catch on – time to eat bankers

    For a long time now, I have been going on about the daylight robbery being perpetrated by the banks. It’s really funny; if you rob a bank, you go to jail but if the bank robs you, their management gets bonuses (running into millions)! I am very happy to see that more & more mainstream…

  • HTML5 and the future of web design

    HTML5 and the future of web design

    When Microsoft & Apple both AGREED that HTML5 was the future of web design, everyone suddenly took notice. And the last 18 months have seen an amazing adoption of HTML5 design principles, especially with the way Google has been been promoting it. So what is HTML5 and how do you do it?

  • The real spear of the nation

    The real spear of the nation

    The spear of the nation painting at the Goodman Gallery has been an amazing storm in a teacup lately. For me, it has highlighted a number of issues.

  • Vodacom sucks

    I have been a client of Vodacom’s for the last 12 years but not any more. In the last 2 months I have met nothing but gross incompetence from them on every level. If I had not paid them so much money over the years, this might actually be funny!

  • Google+ sucks – suspended for impersonating myself

    Google+ sucks – suspended for impersonating myself

    I used to be a real fan of Google+ but I am being forced to review my position on it. I have had my profile suspended, apparently for impersonating someone. I cannot imagine who that someone is, since my Google+ profile is listed under my own name.