George Bush & Tony Blair – war criminals

I watched with horror the first time Iraq was invaded. Then, a few years later, I watched with complete disbelief as they were re-invaded. I was completely perplexed at the time as to what gives these other countries the right to invade a sovereign country ‘legally’. The UN voting that preceded both invasions was a farce. In both invasions, I got the impression that the US led coalition forces were the instigators, the attackers! And then afterwards, they searched and searched for those WMD’s but found squat!

And there was NO backlash. US and UK forces killed thousands of innocent people and got away with murder. Or did they…

Now here is a story you are not going to see on western media channels. They’ll tell you their audience is not interested in fringe news like this. Lol. I see this as more proof that we should all tune out of the current media channels because they are all advancing an agenda!

A court in Malaysia has found Bush and Blair guilty of war crimes. Do you ignore this because it is a Malaysian court? I am sure their judges are well educated legal minds. The so-called war crimes court in The Hague is under UK control, I am sure. So I doubt they will ever consider action against the US or the UK. But Malaysia is not under US or UK control, nor is it under Iraqi control. Whatever the case, you have to ask yourself why western media channels never report on stuff like this, are they afraid you will begin to ask questions?

This next movie is actually a political party advert and I certainly DO NOT support any particular political anything (they all suck equally). But this movie does put the invasion of a foreign country into perspective. You really do have to look at these things from the perspective of the country being invaded…

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