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AARTO camera speeding fines illegal

I am not a lawyer but I have worked out that AARTO camera speeding fines are completely illegal. I decided to ask some questions some time ago. So, in response to a speeding fine from AARTO, I sent a letter asking 3 simple questions. Their response was to NOT respond to my questions, they simply wrote off my fines and hoped I would go away…bad luck for them.

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Passive income anyone?

Are you interested in generating some passive income? The easiest & most effective way to do so is via the internet. And it all starts with an awesome website.
You’re probably thinking that you can’t afford to hire someone to build it for you. So don’t. Build it yourself. It is much easier (& cheaper) than you think!
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US Federal debt explained

This is a wonderful little video which explains the US government debt and what they are doing to solve the problem. I specially love the facial expressions by the banker in this video, just awesome. So, if you are looking to better understand Federal debt & what is being done about it, I highly recommend that you watch this movie:)

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The Simple Quality of A LED Light

The Simple Quality of A LED Light

The simple things in life that carry an immeasurable amount of value and quality within themselves have always amazed me. For example, I’m finding it harder and harder to ignore the simple value that dwells inside of a single light-emitting diode (led).

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Are speeding fines from AARTO legal?

I have a problem with speeding fines. My problem is that I cannot see who is harmed, so where is the crime? This is like the dept of pre-crime in that movie, “Minority report”. If you speed, you are more likely to cause an accident, so we are going to fine you now, so you do not cause an accident. It makes no sense. If we follow that same logic then everyone with a gun should be charged with murder. If you have a gun you are more likely to kill someone else, so let’s just charge you with murder right now and save that other person’s life!

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