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Contributionism & the truth about Ubuntu Contributionism Party

Contributionism is a new economic/social system being promoted by Michael Tellinger. Michael Tellinger is busy launching his Ubuntu Contributionism party but before you jump on that bandwagon  you should know how Michael views contributionism. Mike has come up with a nice alternative theory for existance but that’s all it is to him. I think it is a pity he cannot walk his talk with respect to contributionism.

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Regarding the legality of speeding fines in Johannesburg

For some time now i have had my reservations about the legality of speeding fines here in Joburg, where I live. I received another one in the post the other day & it prompted me to take this a little further. But first let me tell you about the red flags & then I’ll tell you exactly what I am doing.

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George Bush & Tony Blair – war criminals

I watched with horror the first time Iraq was invaded. Then, a few years later, I watched with complete disbelief as they were re-invaded. I was completely perplexed at the time as to what gives these other countries the right to invade a sovereign country ‘legally’. The UN voting that preceded both invasions was a farce. In both invasions, I got the impression that the US led coalition forces were the instigators, the attackers! And then afterwards, they searched and searched for those WMD’s but found squat!

And there was NO backlash. US and UK forces killed thousands of innocent people and got away with murder. Or did they…

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Stone circle ruins from around the world

I am fascinated by the huge amount of stone circle ruins that have been found all around the world. Whenever I find them on Google earth, I take a picture. So I thought I would put those pictures into an album here. I will keep adding to this album, so keep checking back here.

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