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  • US Federal debt explained

    This is a wonderful little video which explains the US government debt and what they are doing to solve the problem. I specially love the facial expressions by the banker in this video, just awesome. So, if you are looking to better understand Federal debt & what is being done about it, I highly recommend…

  • Government explained

    Government explained to an alien This is a brilliant video which explains government, well, sort of…as best as possible, as it were. You have to watch this video.

  • US Presidential candidate Ron Paul ROCKS!

    Finally a voice of reason has join the US Presidential race. Congressman Dr Ron Paul is like a breath of fresh air in a storm of hot, stale rhetoric. Ron Paul is the first candidate in a long time who seems interested in winning the election for reasons other than to simply win. Who is he…

  • Smile & maybe shed a tear of joy

    This is one of the best short movies I have seen lately, it will make you smile & maybe shed a tear of joy. Watch how one man makes real change…

  • No media coverage of events like this at COP – SA media are slaves

    I saw the extensive local media coverage of the recent COP conference in Durban, South Africa. None of the news reports mentioned any of what you will see in the following video. The SA media are slaves to the government, all working in collusion to keep you poor and stupid! Wake up people.

  • Essential info for all occupy protesters – break police restraints

    Breaking out of cable tie restraints, like police use, is easier than you think, when you know how. Here is a quick video to wet your appetite BUT to learn it all, please use the link below this video… No human is superior to other humans, so why should any human restrain another human. You…

  • Some early Christmas cheer from ImprovEverywhere

    I love these guys (& gals). They call themselves ImprovEverywhere and they do cool, funny, smiley event thingys. It’s hard to sum them up in a few words, when you watch their videos (this is not the first one I have posted), you’ll understand what I mean. Talking of which, some Christmas cheer:)

  • There are some politicians who act for the people

    Apparently not all politicians are under control. Finally, a politician who understand Occupy wall street. The occupy movement is not about a list of demands, it’s about an open and transparent system. By the people, for the people. Talking of which, I found an interesting blog today, about Iceland & this very topic. It looks…

  • Last dictator standing – some humor

    Local company, Nandos has a reputation for provocative adverts & this one is no different. It is a great tongue-in-cheek view on that institution of dictatorship. Nice one Dean & everyone else involved. I bet Mugabe’s going to be happy you voted him last dictator standing.

  • George Bush & Tony Blair – war criminals

    I watched with horror the first time Iraq was invaded. Then, a few years later, I watched with complete disbelief as they were re-invaded. I was completely perplexed at the time as to what gives these other countries the right to invade a sovereign country ‘legally’. The UN voting that preceded both invasions was a farce. In both invasions,…