Guided meditation sponsor or partner needed

 Guided meditations & meditation music maker seeks…
…sponsor in the same or related field; yoga, natural remedies, healing, spirituality, mindfulness, sustainable living, healthy living etc..

Branding/Marketing space available

1. Meditation Mobile App –

12 000 existing users & being installed 50+ times a day. That’s min 9 000 new users over the next 6 months, guaranteed.
400 uses per day means a guaranteed min 72 000 uses over the next 6 months.

Application Roadmap:

Work has already started on a second generation version of this app which is MUCH improved. (Sneak peek?).
Get it into iTunes market, Samsung market, Blackberry market & Nokia market. This will increase installs to an estimated 300 times per day.

Mobile app Branding opportunities:

– Dedicated “Sponsored by” page. Custom html page which can have images, text & links.
– RSS “sponsor’s” news feed
– “Sponsored by” link at the top of meditation description, all free meditations. This is the most used pages of the app.
– Mention in push notification (SMS to all users) (max 2/month)
– Connection to “Sponsor’s” facebook page
– Connection to “Sponsor’s” twitter account
– Open to all ideas from your side

2. Website –

2000+ page views per month which means min 12 000 page views guaranteed over the next 6 months

Website Roadmap:

Guest blogging to increase traffic.
Content creation for specific keywords for search rankings. This is part of a complete, ongoing SEO program.

Website Branding opportunities:

– Footer banner
– Sidebar 250 x 250.
– Images or text
– Newsletter (190 subscribers, 40+ new subscribers per month)
– Open to ideas from your side

3. YouTube –

An average of 150+ video views per day, that’s at least 27 000 views in the next 6 months, guaranteed.
This channel already has more than 40 000 views & growing fast.

YouTube Roadmap:

Create new videos/meditations to increase traffic.

YouTube Branding opportunities:

– Caption “Please visit our sponsors” with link
– Title embedded in video (future creations)
– Sponsored by link in the video description

General geographic stats:

– 68% are from the USA
– Canada, AUS & the UK account for another 20%
– The remaining 12% is spread around the world (India & Netherlands being the next 2 biggest countries)

Proposed general strategy

With sponsorship funding I can dedicate 100% of my time to creating new material. That, more than anything else, will generate interest. With the right kind of sponsorship deal we could even discuss making it all freely available, this too, will generate huge interest in these web properties.
The funding will allow me to use PRO social media tools to drive maximum social engagement with min effort.
Funding will be used for paid marketing programs (Google & similar ad networks) & SEO tactics too. Building of back links, social media interest, content creation. Funding will allow me to outsource this to professionals, while I get on with making meditations.
All of which is designed to bring huge amounts of traffic to the various web properties, where users are encouraged to visit our “Sponsor’s website” at every opportunity. This is a golden opportunity just waiting for the right partner.
If you are interested in this opportunity, please send me an email & tell me a little about yourself.

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