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Passive income anyone?

Are you interested in generating some passive income? The easiest & most effective way to do so is via the internet. And it all starts with an awesome website.
You’re probably thinking that you can’t afford to hire someone to build it for you. So don’t. Build it yourself. It is much easier (& cheaper) than you think!
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Guided meditation sponsor or partner needed

 Guided meditations & meditation music maker seeks…
…sponsor in the same or related field; yoga, natural remedies, healing, spirituality, mindfulness, sustainable living, healthy living etc..

Branding/Marketing space available

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My guided meditation application and mobile website

My guided meditation application and mobile website
One of my passions is meditation. Recently I started creating guided meditations with embedded brainwave entrainment. The entrainment makes the meditations super powerful because it cuts straight through the mental chatter that most of us have:). I tried a number of methods to distribute them without too much success. Then, in Nov last year, I created a mobile application as a means of distribution.
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Fair trade

Fair trade: In a nutshell: I do not put a value on my product/service; the user/consumer determines the value of my product/service.

Well, that’s my opinion of fair trade….

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Websites for the Independent Creative Professional

All free-lance creative professionals need to showcase their work but who wants to carry a portfolio? In this wireless, digital age, a website is the perfect solution BUT not just any website. You need something that is accessible on any platform, something that will grow with you & most importantly, you need something that you can manage yourself. Well, I have the affordable solution for you.

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