HTML5 and the future of web design

the HTML5 Beginners Crash Course, by Robert Nixon.When Microsoft & Apple both AGREED that HTML5 was the future of web design, everyone suddenly took notice. And the last 18 months have seen an amazing adoption of HTML5 design principles, especially with the way Google has been been promoting it. So what is HTML5 and how do you do it?

What is HTML5?

In short, it is a new set of web standards in terms of the ‘code’ used by web designers. The idea being that it is completely cross-browser ready and device responsive. That means it works in any/all browsers AND, no matter what device you are using to view the website, you see the same content. The display might change slightly, to accommodate your device’s screen size, but the content stays the same.

But there’s more, HTML5 can do loads of other funky stuff. You can make things move and change as the user interacts with the website, all without having to design anything in flash. Super-cool:)

Where can I learn HTML5?

If you do a quick Google search, you’ll find a number of tutorials. Some free, some paid. Free courses are cool ‘cos they are free BUT they are usually not as good or comprehensive as the paid courses. One course that I can recommend is the HTML5 Beginners Crash Course, by Robert Nixon.

HTML5 for Beginners is the fastest way to learn HTML5. This highly informative and popular course, already taken by over 1,600 people, is taught by Robin Nixon, author of Learning PHP, MySQL and JavaScript (the most popular book on web development worldwide for over two years). The course covers everything you need to know to learn HTML5 and leverage its power to create highly dynamic websites.

Whether you are already familiar with HTML or not, this course is for you (he starts with an intro to HTML which you can skip if you already have this knowledge).

The next boom in web design is going to be HTML5 design. If you are already into web design OR looking for a new career, you must consider the HTML5 Beginners Crash Course, by Robert Nixon. This might just be the springboard you are looking for:)