Wazzub scam or not? Real thing or real scam, Wazzub spotlight.

Many, many MLM type schemes have popped up over the years. Some more successful than others. And believe it or not, there are some people who have made a fortune out of them, a serious fortune! Usually, it is those who got in early. The big question on everyone’s lips at the moment is where does Wazzub fit in? Is Wazzub scam or opportunity? Is Wazzub even an MLM scheme? And if not, wazz eggzackly are they planning? I’ll break it down some more…

Is Wazzub an MLM scheme?

Well, yes and no, is the short answer. Without a track record, it is impossible to say for sure where they fit in.

“Yes”, they are MLM in terms of the fact that you are supposed to try to generate a downline (get your friends to join) after you join. That’s a fairly standard MLM practice, hence the name “multi-level”… But also “no”, because there is supposedly no “marketing” involved. You don’t have to buy anything, nor do you have to sell anything, or so they claim. They don’t ask for a registration fee, nor do they try to get you to buy something after registering. But again, no track record to judge on, so it’s hard to say for sure!

So what is Wazzub? Is Wazzub scam or opportunity?

According to their website, which is still in a “pre-launch” phase, after they launch, you simply have to set their website as your default homepage to start making money (assuming you have enough people in your downline by then). My guess is that they will then sell advertising on that page, advertising that should see huge amounts of impressions if they really have the number of signups they profess to have, & then they share that money with the people actually using their homepage. Sound reasonable, sounds possible, but will it work in the long run? Will they actually pay any money out? And if so, will it be as much as they make out it is likely to be? That I can’t answer, they have zero track record to refer to:) So you have to take ALL their claims with a pinch of salt!

But, you also have to ask yourself if there is some other, more evil purpose behind it. I have done some looking around and found some interesting opinions. One lady, on her blog, believes that it is simply an email harvesting scheme. And she might be right. Just in case she is right & just in case you do decide to sign-up for Wazzub, I would recommend creating a special email address for this one. You can open a new Gmail or Yahoo email address, or even just create a nickname on an existing account you have. AND only use it for registering on Wazzup. That way, if it starts getting spammed, you know exactly who is responsible & that Wazzub is a scam. And you can simply delete the address at that point in time, no harm done to your regular email address.

Another guy seems to think that it is only a matter of time before they start trying to sell you stuff or get you to sell stuff. He reckons only a fool believes they can make money for doing nothing. And he too, might be right (& he may be wrong too). There’s no way to tell until their launch date of 9 April, 2012. But again, as soon as they try any marketing BS, you can simply delete your account (your one with them, and the associated email address you created before registering).

One thing is for sure, by 10 April, 2012, there are going to be a whole load of new posts on the net about Wazzub, one way or the other. “I told you so” kind of posts:). I honestly cannot say whether or not Wazzub is a scam, nor can anyone else, simply because Wazzub has zero track record. You will have to decide for yourself, is Wazzub scam or opportunity?

Should you join Wazzub or not?

I can’t tell you what to do, you must decide for yourself.

One thing is for sure, the people who have made money out of MLM schemes are the ones who got in early, and right now, it is still early days for Wazzub. Just bear in mind my recommendation of a “special” email address for this registration if you decide to go ahead.

And right now, it is free. There is no entry fee & you don’t have to sell or buy anything after registration.

I suggest you do some internet searches like Wazzup scam and GIT International scam (GIT International is the ‘company’). And I suggest you decide for yourself if you are willing to take the risk or not! One person commented that like the lottery, you have to be in it to win it. But this is NOT a lottery, this is potential identity theft. So it is not like a lottery at all! Just remember to approach with caution & take my advice about a special email address before registering (if you decide to). But I also believe that you won’t get anywhere living a life without any risk.  I say access the potential risk carefully and take precautions. I mean, who doesn’t wear a condom until they know more about their partner’s sexual history nowadays? That’s probably a better analogy than the lottery one. This is much like getting sexually involved with a partner you do not know (except I doubt this one is going to give you some dread disease).

To check out the Wazzub website, please click here. I do like their slogan though:)

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  1. They are scam activist believe it or not they are asking for money now hahahahahahaha. They say buy shares for 150usd and say you agree that you can lose your money very funny a site

  2. their asking for picture id, your signature, birthday and where your address is, so i really dont know right now what to do, I have 2 days to decide :S

    • They didn’t ask me for all those details. If they had, I would not have signed up. There’s no way I give out that kind of info on some completely unknown site…
      I simply had to supply a name and email address (disposable one at that).

  3. Hi all,
    My question is :where the money they will pay you will go,do you have to provide your bank account nr ? I wouldn’t do it.If you open a new blank account and provide the details,would somebody use that account to transfer money from one side to another (money laundering) ?
    Now, who in his right mind will pay you $4000.00 a month just to join a site? I think all this must be considered.

  4. That is good advice, about opening a special email address for that purpose..if it is a success, well then u share the profits as allged…if scam. u just nver use that email again! right… i have spent the last 2 weeks searching and reading all discussions abt the scam aspect…all i see is suspiscion..nothing to confirm how it is at the moment spam/scam…since i dont lose much, i have chosen to join and be onthe i told u so side of the money makers..it will hurt me if i didntjoin and my frind who so far has 4800 pple under him is telling me ii told u so..i will just die..

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