The concept of energy exchange in the new paradigm

energy exchange

Everyone has ideas about the future & there’s no shortage of discussion or opinions right now, on the topic of energy exchange. Thanks to recent developments in my life, I wanted to add my squeak to the cacophony:) Here’s what I think of where we are coming from and where we are going with energy exchange…

Where we’re coming from

People used to live in harmony, in communities. And according to all reports they lived much longer, happier lives. Then some rulers or leaders of the people decided to expand. Enter the vast majority of humanities’ history in the past 6000 years; WAR. Out of this has grown all sorts of mechanisms of control. Money being one of the more recent developments & certainly one of the most sophisticated tools of oppression ever devised.

Ok, so we all know what’s wrong. We can see the problems but few can conceive the solutions because this is ALL we know. We are so embedded in a money driven economy that we cannot visualize anything different. But before money, and before government, before kings, emporers and absolute rulers; people lived together, in community. Living and working together, for each other, with a clear understanding that ALL are important to the survival of the community. We need to return to where we were thousands of years ago, before the power hungry wrestled control from the rest of us and turned us into their slaves.

How to achieve real change

There is only one thing you can change; your own thinking. The only reason you believe the current system is best is ‘cos that is what you were taught to believe by a bunch of other people who desperately needed you to believe that. This feeling that something is wrong has been building for a long time. Our parents, and their parents, felt it too. And they resisted, like many still do (‘cos we’re programmed like that). But many are not resisting the feeling anymore. Many people are acknowledging their understanding that the current system is broken beyond repair. And this is where it starts, acknowledging that there is a problem. The more this happens, the more thinking is shifted, and eventually we reach a tipping point of mass change. So start with your own head!

This is not to say that you must fight or rebel against the system. Quite the contrary. Mary Elizabeth Croft uses the analogy of Monopoly in her book “How I clobbered every bureaucratic agency.” Sometimes the game is close and the winner is not decided until the very end. But just as often in the game of Monopoly, one person begins to dominate the game. And eventually you reach a point in the game where the eventual winner is a forgone conclusion. From this point on, no matter what any of the players do, this person will win the game. The question is, do you continue to play? I know from watching chess games, Chess Grand Masters have no problem resigning once they are backed into a corner and the conclusion is inevitable. And that’s what you need to do.

Don’t support the system just ‘cos you were taught to believe in it. The moment you start to investigate the current system, the flaws become obvious. So supporting it is not an option. Don’t fight against it either because although that is motivated by the belief that there is something wrong, it is also backed by the implied belief that you can fix it. This is the part many have a problem with; you can’t fix it, it is rigged against you. It is fundamentally flawed, it was never designed to work for the majority. It is designed to serve a minority. So we really only have one option left, the intelligent option; STOP PLAYING.

When you stop playing “their” game, you stop feeding the machine your energy. And once a significant amount of people stop feeding it energy, it starts to crumble. We do not have to fight it or break it or tear it down or anything negative like that. Love it for propelling man to this era and age, thank it for it’s service, then unplug from the system…

But know what you choose

Before you take this step though, understand what you are doing. In the new paradign, we all need to be responsible for the WORLD. We all need to step up and mind the balance of energy in our lives. You must be aware of the people around you. If any of them are uncomfortable, it is your problem. If anyone is hungry, it is your problem. If anyone is hurt, it is your problem. No more turning away. Time to step up and take responsibility for everything & everyone around you.

I have heard lots of people talking BEEG talk about energy exchange. But so far, I have only met 2 people who actually walk that talk (& you are not one of them, neither am I for that matter). Talk is all good & well but at some point you need to shift your thinking. We cannot apply the same thinking that created the problem to finding the solution. Shift your thinking, take responsibility & be the future you want to see.

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