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  • Smile & maybe shed a tear of joy

    This is one of the best short movies I have seen lately, it will make you smile & maybe shed a tear of joy. Watch how one man makes real change…

  • Some early Christmas cheer from ImprovEverywhere

    I love these guys (& gals). They call themselves ImprovEverywhere and they do cool, funny, smiley event thingys. It’s hard to sum them up in a few words, when you watch their videos (this is not the first one I have posted), you’ll understand what I mean. Talking of which, some Christmas cheer:)

  • Last dictator standing – some humor

    Local company, Nandos has a reputation for provocative adverts & this one is no different. It is a great tongue-in-cheek view on that institution of dictatorship. Nice one Dean & everyone else involved. I bet Mugabe’s going to be happy you voted him last dictator standing.

  • Crazy stuff from some crazy Frenchies

    I have met some crazy people who some seriously dangerous stuff. These Frenchies are just as, if not more, crazy! There were parts of this movie I could not watch, this is some crazy stuff which is not for the faint hearted.

  • My son: I should have a licence for these guns.

    This is my 9 year old, he completely cracks me up:)

  • The strangest Jacaranda tree ever!

    The strangest Jacaranda tree ever!

    I noticed this tree last year at this time. At this time of the year, the Jacaranda trees in Joburg (where I live) produce really beautiful purple flowers. The whole of Joburg looks like it is covered in a purple cloth, it’s really pretty. I have never seen a Jacaranda tree produce a flower of…

  • No wonder they invented add & adhd

    Some kids were born to challenge everything, so they must have something wrong with them. Hahahaha. Some kids are NOT going to let anything kill their creativity, no school, no adult, no social pressure, NOTHING! This Ted Video is brilliant & explains why some of the kids today, act the way they do:) Since there…

  • The concept of energy exchange in the new paradigm

    The concept of energy exchange in the new paradigm

    Everyone has ideas about the future & there’s no shortage of discussion or opinions right now, on the topic of energy exchange. Thanks to recent developments in my life, I wanted to add my squeak to the cacophony:) Here’s what I think of where we are coming from and where we are going with energy exchange…

  • There’s nothing quite as South African as a braai

    This is the one ritual that crosses all boundaries & even vegetarians are welcome:) The South African “braai” tradition is something we all enjoy. Here are some cool ‘braai’ videos.