Hello world!

The more WP sites I create the better I understand this first, default post title:) And finally, it’s time! Time to invite the inside of my head onto the internet, better known as a personal blog…

I can and do build my own sites but for some reason or other, I have never done a personal blog. With all that’s happening in the world today, I feel I must get in on the fun. I believe strongly in focusing on what we want so I will try to focus on solutions rather than problems, but sometimes one has to look at the problem to start to visualize the solution.

The biggest problem (at the time of writing this) is the overwhelming belief in the illusion we live in. It does not really exist. Science clearly shows it’s mostly space, not solid at all. Rather, it is dependent on a vibration or frequency to inform it’s state of being. And what sets the tune, who is the piper? You are! We are! Therefore it all is not:)

Hehe & haha, quantum physics has screwed up a whole generation of intellectuals, with every argument ending up fading into particle dust & shooting off to wherever quarks go. The only thing we can be sure of is that our entire belief is based on our perceptions of the illusion. And it is very clear that we all perceive it slightly differently, specially ‘cos of the developmental filters we apply to it all! The differences are enough (or at least we convince ourselves that they are enough) to make us believe in our uniqueness. Ooops, another illusion. Again, dependable science to the rescue to tell us that actually ALL life on this planet is made up of exactly the same building blocks…mmm, that kinda puts all intelligent ‘man’ back in his place. You’re the same as everything else…

So, what does that even mean & why should I care. Well, if it exists in your world, then you’re responsible (remember, you are the piper). You’re responsible for all the beautiful, awful, amazing, graceful, rotten, stinking, brilliant & inhumane things that happen on this planet! It’s easy to own some of that but not all of it, yet we must. We create this world, what we focus on collectively is what we create. The world is a reflection of our collective beliefs. Right now, very narrow media sources are informing much of our collective belief. And so those in control maintain control and create what they want.

That doesn’t mean you must fight the system, quite the contrary. That is focusing on it. Let’s just forget what’s going on and focus on what we want. When you go into your heart and ask, “what do I want?” you find love. Now let’s start working forward from here.

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