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  • An awesome tech idea: the sunrise thermal airship

    An awesome tech idea: the sunrise thermal airship

    I love new technology and am always scouring the net for new ideas. I recently came across this one which I think is just absolutely awesome. They are calling it the “Sunrise thermal airship” & (unfortunately) it is still only an idea. I can’t wait for this one to go commercial, I know I would…

  • A working green model village produces 321% extra energy

    There’s nothing quite like an excellent example. The village of Wildpoldsried, in Germany, is just that; a great eco-example that all communities should be looking into. This village produces 321% EXTRA energy and makes money by selling it back to the national grid.

  • Stone circle ruins from around the world

    I am fascinated by the huge amount of stone circle ruins that have been found all around the world. Whenever I find them on Google earth, I take a picture. So I thought I would put those pictures into an album here. I will keep adding to this album, so keep checking back here.

  • Getting the world to work on one problem – teachnology

    Getting the world to work on one problem – teachnology

    This is just awesome. How to get everyone working on one problem. Firstly he explains those annoying CAPTCHA & reCAPTCHA images we have all had to fill in. Now that I know what is going on, I will fill them in with a new found joy. And then he goes on to explain how he…

  • The Awesome Power Of Sunlight

    This is mindblowing, watch how researchers use 2 square meters of sunlight (as much as 3 people sunbathing would gather), focus it and MELT ROCKS! That’s right, melt rocks. Now if we can do this, why can’t we use this tech to generate power and much, much more. Jem Stansfield travels to the Solar Furnace…

  • Hello world!

    Hello world!

    The more WP sites I create the better I understand this first, default post title:) And finally, it’s time! Time to invite the inside of my head onto the internet, better known as a personal blog…