Are speeding fines from AARTO legal?

I have a problem with speeding fines. My problem is that I cannot see who is harmed, so where is the crime? This is like the dept of pre-crime in that movie, “Minority report”. If you speed, you are more likely to cause an accident, so we are going to fine you now, so you do not cause an accident. It makes no sense. If we follow that same logic then everyone with a gun should be charged with murder. If you have a gun you are more likely to kill someone else, so let’s just charge you with murder right now and save that other person’s life!

To top it all off, the speeding fine business in Joburg has now been given to a “for profit” company called AARTO, that is listed on CIPRO. A private organization has been tasked with collecting revenue for a government institution. I am sorry but in my world, that does not work! So I have decided to ask them a few questions. Despite this, they want to persist in sending me fines. Well, we’ll see who has more stamina:)

Here is my second letter to AARTO, to read the first one, click here:



RE: Infringement notices 02-4024-009871802-9 & 02-4024-010300128-7

This is a second open letter from me, Douglas, of the family Hoseck, a natural human being, to AARTO, a company. AARTO will be supplied a printed copy. A digital copy will be made available to all on my blog,

This is an affidavit of my truth.

i) In response to my last correspondence with AARTO, regarding infringement notice 02-4024-009871802-9, I received a response from AARTO to say I do not have to pay AARTO. Thanks for that, BUT AARTO failed to answer my questions.

ii) Fortunately, in the interim, AARTO sent me another infringement notice, so I get to ask the questions again. Please note though, this is getting a little irritating. So this time, I either want a response to my questions OR I want AARTO to stop sending me these notices immeditately.

iii) My feeling is that if AARTO does not want to answer my questions it can only be because AARTO is doing something illegal & knows it. If it is illegal & AARTO persists in sending these notices, I will have no recourse but to start legal proceedings against AARTO for harrassment.

iii) Here are my questions regarding infringement notice no. 02-4024-010300128-7:

1.) According to this ‘notice’, the “issuing authority” is the Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department. Yet you are requesting payment be made into the bank account of AARTO, a ‘for profit’ company listed on CIPRO, a company that is NOT the JMPD. Please explain to me why I must pay AARTO, if this notice is from the JMPD? If, in fact, this notice is from the JMPD, then AARTO is a 3rd party interloper with no standing in this matter. Please explain?

2.) According to the Bills of Exchange act 34 of 1964, a bill demanding payment of any kind needs to be signed by a representative of the company. There is no signature on this ‘notice’, so please explain how this constitutes a legal bill?

3.) According to the Bills of Exchange act 34 of 1964, before any company (like AARTO) can claim money from a natural person, like me, there has to be a signed agreement between the two parties, which clearly defines the terms of the contract between the parties. I cannot recall signing an agreement with AARTO, please would you be kind enough to supply me with a copy of the signed agreement between us.

iv) Please note that you have thirty (30) days to respond to me, from 29 February, 2012, with full and complete answers to my 3 questions (in plain English). Failure to respond within the stipulated time frame and/or failure to respond to my questions will be accepted as an admission of guilt, as an admission that AARTO’s actions are illegal.

v) Until my questions are clearly and completely answered, any further infringement notices that AARTO sends to me will be considered harassment.

Most sincerely

Douglas, of the family Hoseck.


Obviously, if I get any response to these questions I asked them, I will be sure to post them here.

AARTO, on their website, paints a pretty picture of themselves as defenders of road safety. As guardians of all because they punish social offenders by taking points off their licenses. What a load of crap! AARTO is NOT some road safety, points demerit system. Don’t believe that rubbish. Go look on CIPRO’s website, you’ll find AARTO listed as a ‘for profit’ company. And that is really what AARTO is about, making money. It is a revenue sucking scheme that most people are buying into. Stop looking at the PR crap, go look at CIPRO’s website. AARTO’s listing on CIPRO makes their position in the whole scheme of things very, very clear. Profit mongers, nothing more, nothing less!

If what AARTO is doing is legal, why do you think they offer a 50% discount if you pay quickly? Have you ever heard a judge giving a criminal a 50% reduction in sentence if he goes to jail quickly? No! The simple truth is they want you to simply shut-up and pay, without questioning it! Don’t play their game, question them. Drill them with questions. If we all work together on this we can and will bring this scam down and expose the profiteering scum suckers for what they are at the same time.

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  1. Good day,
    Thanks for this..
    I recently got an infringement notice from Aarto, that says i must pay 50% within 32 days from the date of issue. The problem is that there is no date of issue, and this makes the notice invalid. I called through to the number on the notice, and I was told that in the cases where there is no date of issue, i should calculate 82 days from the day i got the notice, and pay within such a period. 🙁 I agree that the whole thing is a scam.
    Did you get a reply to this letter of yours? I want to know what Aarto’s response was?

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