Giant structures in the desert in China.

Now this is seriously strange. I was alerted to this by this blog & this is not new. They have been at it since before 2005 as far as I can work out from Google earth timeline. The Chinese are creating huge structures in the desert. Their purpose is a mystery to me. All I can say for sure is that you do not create giant structures like these as a practical joke!

Firstly there is something that could be an electrical sub-station or a HAARP installation?

China's HAARP

Then, a little to the West, connected by a road is some kind of targeting area. Here you can see burnt out cars/trucks inside. And further to the West is another one like that but in a circular shape as opposed to a square one. See the Google map below.

Then are two weird structures which look like big lines on the ground. They are huge and would be easily visible from space. What their purpose is, I would not even like to speculate. Check these pics:

And in between all these strange structures, is this other strange structure. Again, it is huge and again, the purpose is not obvious.

And the weirdness continues. About 500kms North of here, around 2009, these strange things started appearing. And these ones are even bigger!

Here is a more zoomed in picture of the area above.

I have found another 2 areas like the one above, both enormous. What their purpose is, is not obvious at all. Here is all the sites I have found so far, on a google map which you can zoom in and out on!

View Strange China in a larger map

Found after original post:

Here is a post from the Telegraph.

And some great comments from Reddit. Some interesting ideas, some funny comments & loads of drivel…

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