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  • Fair trade

    Fair trade: In a nutshell: I do not put a value on my product/service; the user/consumer determines the value of my product/service. Well, that’s my opinion of fair trade….

  • Zero Point Harmonics, my 1st collaboration

    Zero Point Harmonics, my 1st collaboration

    This meditation is a collaboration between Meg Benedicte and TheLightStream.org. Meg Benedicte supplied the “Vortex Meditation” and TheLightStream.org mixed in the brainwave harmonics in the background. Please click the “Soulful Services” banner below to visit Meg’s website.

  • Sometimes the video says it all:)

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mb3TzrWxB54 Vortex meditation by Meg Benedicte. Brainwave harmonics by TheLightStream.org. This project was an exciting collaboration. Meg Benedicte provided the very powerful guided meditation process called the “Vortex Meditation”. Doug Hoseck then added music, sounds and brainwave entrainment to the track. The end result is a super powerful meditation which is now available to YOU!…