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No media coverage of events like this at COP – SA media are slaves

I saw the extensive local media coverage of the recent COP conference in Durban, South Africa. None of the news reports mentioned any of what you will see in the following video. The SA media are slaves to the government, all working in collusion to keep you poor and stupid! Wake up people.

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There are some politicians who act for the people

Apparently not all politicians are under control. Finally, a politician who understand Occupy wall street. The occupy movement is not about a list of demands, it’s about an open and transparent system. By the people, for the people. Talking of which, I found an interesting blog today, about Iceland & this very topic. It looks like Iceland is leading the way for all of us. But first, that politician telling it like it is….

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OccupySA – where it began & what its about

I was there last Saturday & I am going back this next Saturday. I hear rumors that it’s going to get bigger:). Sure seems to be growing around the rest of the planet. You have to wonder why this idea is spreading like wildfire.

This is a very good video of what happened last Saturday, a fair edit. As you can see, not too many people BUT it is a start & it’s not going to stop there. Check this movie & come play with us on Saturday:

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