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Mainstream media starting to catch on – time to eat bankers

For a long time now, I have been going on about the daylight robbery being perpetrated by the banks. It’s really funny; if you rob a bank, you go to jail but if the bank robs you, their management gets bonuses (running into millions)! I am very happy to see that more & more mainstream media is beginning to catch on to the truth.

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US Federal debt explained

This is a wonderful little video which explains the US government debt and what they are doing to solve the problem. I specially love the facial expressions by the banker in this video, just awesome. So, if you are looking to better understand Federal debt & what is being done about it, I highly recommend that you watch this movie:)

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US Presidential candidate Ron Paul ROCKS!

Finally a voice of reason has join the US Presidential race. Congressman Dr Ron Paul is like a breath of fresh air in a storm of hot, staleĀ rhetoric. Ron Paul is the first candidate in a long time who seems interested in winning the election for reasons other than to simply win. Who is he and why does he stand out for me, a South African? I am so glad you asked, allow me to expand.

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