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Mainstream media starting to catch on – time to eat bankers

For a long time now, I have been going on about the daylight robbery being perpetrated by the banks. It’s really funny; if you rob a bank, you go to jail but if the bank robs you, their management gets bonuses (running into millions)! I am very happy to see that more & more mainstream media is beginning to catch on to the truth.

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US Federal debt explained

This is a wonderful little video which explains the US government debt and what they are doing to solve the problem. I specially love the facial expressions by the banker in this video, just awesome. So, if you are looking to better understand Federal debt & what is being done about it, I highly recommend that you watch this movie:)

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Standard bank card services passes the buck

I have a credit card from Standard bank and I wanted to know where they got the money to loan me on that credit card. Since I am paying it back with HUGE amounts of interest, I think I have the right to know. Furthermore, you cannot loan something you don’t have. If I don’t have a car, I cannot lend you a car. So if Standard bank loaned me money, they must have had the money to loan me in the first place, right? That’s what I thought but when I asked Standard bank card services this question, they passed the buck.

In classic corporate style, they passed the buck. Standard bank is like every other corporation on the planet, no-one is responsible, they simply pass you on to someone else in the organization when you stump them.

I don’t understand why my simple questions were not answered and I am not going to leave it here. I am going to scratch further and will post the results, but I wanted to post something now about how corporations, and in particular, Standard bank, pass the buck when you confront them. This is what makes it almost impossible for normal people, like me, to crack the shield of mis-information their PR dept pumps out.

Here is the email chain between myself and Standard bank card services so EVERYONE can see how Standard bank card services passes the buck.

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