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  1. It seems a pity that such an important and timely concept hang on the actions of one individual. This is not the brainchild of Mr. Talinger, but something humanity has employed as a means of social cohesion all throughout our history, cultures and races.

    It would be sheer egotism to attempt to monopolise such a non ego based system as your own ‘creation’. I am not clear as to whether Michael Tallinger is trying to do so, but I wish I wasn’t even faced with that question. One man should not be the source, or reference for this important concept.

    Furthermore, connecting the term with such obviously deterrent, associative memes as UFOs and spirituality can only be detrimental, serving to discredit rather than advance it. Can you not be a contributionist atheist? Or a non UFO believer? I don’t want Santa Claus or Mr Talingers opinions on Thai cuisine to play a role here either.

    I was dismayed at the Google search results on “Contributionism’, which return only this complaint letter, and it’s target Mr Tallinger, via his videos, views and websites. I want very badly to promote the concept, but fear it will be dead before it has begun, if intelligent people find and peruse these results.

    I intend to find and employ a less tainted term from now on.

  2. Its possible that someone grafted a branch of a White Christmas Jacaranda onto the Jacaranda tree. I’ve
    seen some white Jacarandas in Pretoria, but they are very rare. I would
    love to visit this one when I’m in the Johannesburg area. Where in Johannesburg is this one?

  3. It seems you dont fathom contributionism, giving without expectation of receiving. You are the one chasing money, an Michael is clearly balls broke!

  4. Thanks a lot for this. I also got this notice today and checked their site on how to pay. This was part of what I found on payment:

    “By cash deposits or bank guaranteed cheque at any branch of ABSA bank. The account number is not specified on the notice. The teller must use the “Traffic Fine” payment option on the terminal. The account number must not be entered. Ensure that the cashier do not enter an account number onto the deposit slip.
    For ABSA bank and FNB bank clients only at ATM, internet banking or cell phone banking”.

    Then I stumbled on your blog. Very insightful blog. Thanks.

  5. I feel like none of us are really “ourselves” in this current money and commerce-dominated world, we are shadows of what we are capable of being together if we can ever get free of this worldwide financial tyranny. We are selfish, petty creatures dominated by the fictitious entities of corporations and their symbolic, valueless paper. I only know him from youtube, but I feel that Michael’s work has great meaning and value beyond character faults or temporarily short-sighted decisions made under pressure by overworked visionaries.

  6. this is so pathetic, I agree, I would move port etc to get away, I had the same crap at Vodacare ‘voda-scare..’ in Canal Walk, …famous last words..”don’t worry sir, you will get and SMS to notify you the handset is ready” 2 weeks later….

  7. SOMEBODY HAS GOT TO STOP THE JMPD. They are robbing the hard-working citizens of Gauteng. There must be thousand and thousands of speed cameras all over our city. THIS IS WRONG. Traffic cameras should not be allowed to operate on more that one day a week. Remove the cameras and replace them with speed warning indicators. Use the demerit system. PEOPLE THIS IS YOUR CITY. DON’T LET THIS CONTINUE.
    Most Johannesburg citizens need to travel a long way to get to there work place.
    Speeding cameras are an easy source of income for the JMPD. Unless we do something they will eventually put up cameras on every road we use.

  8. Passive Income for me is he basic idea is that you build a system or business that keeps generating money for you on a monthly basis with little to no work from you after the initial setup. This means that you work hard to build your business to its full potential.

  9. Good day,
    Thanks for this..
    I recently got an infringement notice from Aarto, that says i must pay 50% within 32 days from the date of issue. The problem is that there is no date of issue, and this makes the notice invalid. I called through to the number on the notice, and I was told that in the cases where there is no date of issue, i should calculate 82 days from the day i got the notice, and pay within such a period. 🙁 I agree that the whole thing is a scam.
    Did you get a reply to this letter of yours? I want to know what Aarto’s response was?

  10. They are scam activist believe it or not they are asking for money now hahahahahahaha. They say buy shares for 150usd and say you agree that you can lose your money very funny a site

  11. their asking for picture id, your signature, birthday and where your address is, so i really dont know right now what to do, I have 2 days to decide :S

    • They didn’t ask me for all those details. If they had, I would not have signed up. There’s no way I give out that kind of info on some completely unknown site…
      I simply had to supply a name and email address (disposable one at that).

  12. Hi all,
    My question is :where the money they will pay you will go,do you have to provide your bank account nr ? I wouldn’t do it.If you open a new blank account and provide the details,would somebody use that account to transfer money from one side to another (money laundering) ?
    Now, who in his right mind will pay you $4000.00 a month just to join a site? I think all this must be considered.

  13. That is good advice, about opening a special email address for that purpose..if it is a success, well then u share the profits as allged…if scam. u just nver use that email again! right… i have spent the last 2 weeks searching and reading all discussions abt the scam aspect…all i see is suspiscion..nothing to confirm how it is at the moment spam/scam…since i dont lose much, i have chosen to join and be onthe i told u so side of the money will hurt me if i didntjoin and my frind who so far has 4800 pple under him is telling me ii told u so..i will just die..

  14. I read a similar article and i felt like it is truly a problem. The only problem is that people will only get out of the system when the system crushes. look at the Ponzi scheme and other quick schemes. they are not for the uneducated. Most educated employees are still in the rat race and therefore early fall for anything they believe it can assist their freedom