Contributionism & the truth about Ubuntu Contributionism Party

Contributionism is a new economic/social system being promoted by Michael Tellinger. Michael Tellinger is busy launching his Ubuntu Contributionism party but before you jump on that bandwagon  you should know how Michael views contributionism. Mike has come up with a nice alternative theory for existance but that’s all it is to him. I think it is a pity he cannot walk his talk with respect to contributionism.

Michael Tellinger and contributionism

Contributionism and the truth about Michael TellingerI came into contact with Michael because I read his book Slave species of god and then found out that he was researching the stone circles in the boven area. We connected on many levels and I even interviewed him on a number of webinars. He asked me to create him a website to promote contributionism. I did create the website, I even hosted it on my server, at no cost to Michael.

Then, when Michael was planning his UFO conference, he told me he had a sponsor and asked me to quote him to build a website to promote his conference and sell tickets to the event. I did quote him and we even haggled a bit over the price. Finally we came to an agreement which included a deposit or down payment. His “sponsor” never produced this deposit but Michael convinced me to get started on the website anyway.

I built the entire website and we started selling tickets to the event. Still no payment was forthcoming from Michael. His excuse was that his sponsor was not producing the goods. But I did not make a deal with his sponsor, I had made a deal with him. 2 Months went by like this with him trading on a website for which he had made no payment, not for the construction or the hosting. Somewhere during these 2 months he changed his tune from making a down payment to paying me after the event. I made it clear to him that I did not find this arrangement to be acceptable.

About a month before the event he ran into serious financial difficulty arranging his event so he went out and found himself another sponsor. As soon as he found a sponsor he sent out an email to his database thanking his new sponsor for saving his event. When I saw this email I was taken aback and promptly emailed him to ask him how come he had never offered to mail his database thanking me for my contribution.

I expected him to mail me back to inform me that he would be sending a mail to his database ASAP thanking me for my contribution. You would think that after building his site for free and hosting it for free, this would be the least he could do. That would be the spirit of contributionism. BUT NO, Michael Tellinger does not operate like that.

Instead I got mail back from him telling me to stop putting him under pressure. Telling me to stop fighting with him. Basically telling me that he did not value my contribution at all! This was the straw that broke the camel’s back. This email made it very clear to me that Michael does NOT walk his talk, that Michael does not have the first potting clue how to practically live the theory of contributionism. That’s all it is to him, a theory.

Contributionism does have lots of good ideas in it but the practical application seems to be lacking, certainly from it’s main proponent. So before you jump on the contributionism band wagon, you have to ask yourself how much merit there is in a system when the originator is not even prepared to live it! He talks the contributionism talk but does NOT walk the contributionism walk! I always say, if it walks like a duck and quacks like an asshole, it’s probably just a fart in the wind.


  1. It seems a pity that such an important and timely concept hang on the actions of one individual. This is not the brainchild of Mr. Talinger, but something humanity has employed as a means of social cohesion all throughout our history, cultures and races.

    It would be sheer egotism to attempt to monopolise such a non ego based system as your own ‘creation’. I am not clear as to whether Michael Tallinger is trying to do so, but I wish I wasn’t even faced with that question. One man should not be the source, or reference for this important concept.

    Furthermore, connecting the term with such obviously deterrent, associative memes as UFOs and spirituality can only be detrimental, serving to discredit rather than advance it. Can you not be a contributionist atheist? Or a non UFO believer? I don’t want Santa Claus or Mr Talingers opinions on Thai cuisine to play a role here either.

    I was dismayed at the Google search results on “Contributionism’, which return only this complaint letter, and it’s target Mr Tallinger, via his videos, views and websites. I want very badly to promote the concept, but fear it will be dead before it has begun, if intelligent people find and peruse these results.

    I intend to find and employ a less tainted term from now on.

  2. It seems you dont fathom contributionism, giving without expectation of receiving. You are the one chasing money, an Michael is clearly balls broke!

  3. I feel like none of us are really “ourselves” in this current money and commerce-dominated world, we are shadows of what we are capable of being together if we can ever get free of this worldwide financial tyranny. We are selfish, petty creatures dominated by the fictitious entities of corporations and their symbolic, valueless paper. I only know him from youtube, but I feel that Michael’s work has great meaning and value beyond character faults or temporarily short-sighted decisions made under pressure by overworked visionaries.

    • but i am open to being wrong too… there are a lot of “new age” luminaries who aren’t what they seem to be.

  4. Thanks for this post. I remember being around you when this was happening. Check my email to both of you…

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